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Philippine Student Protestors Recall Martial Law

October 1, 2022

During recent 50th anniversary remembrances of martial law imposed by Ferdinand Marcos, college campuses across the Philippines saw students protests during which black t-shirts were worn to recall dark days of a decade of dictatorship, a time most were born, yet which all knew they did not want to return to.

These days, all eyes are warily on the actions of the former dictator’s son Bongbong now that he is in the first year of his presidency. Eyes are also on actions of former president Duterte’s daughter, now vice president of the Philippines, especially those on the UN High Commission on Human Rights that is seeking justice for the victims of former president Duterte’s drug war. Here is the UN report.

This matters at the moment, particularly as President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos’ Philippine government recently asked the International Criminal Court pre-trial judge to a deny request of the UN to resume the probe into Duterte’s drug war.

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